About Me

Amrit Bhattacharya

My mission is to make celebrations,smiles and the candid moments last forever. I personally believe that photographs are the strongest form of memory that can make someone relive the past.

I am a Norway-based photographer who specializes in creating joyful, vibrant, and romantic imagery photographs. My photos are inspired by monochrome and colored emotions of life. I specialize in capturing scripted & unscripted moments in weddings, pre-weddings, birthdays and other social events.

Photography - My Passion

When it comes to celebrations you will find me there. When it comes to capture the smile, the moments, the instance you will find me there.
When it comes to make something forever you will find me there.

It”s only photographs which can make memories last forever.

Main Expertise


Canon R6

Canon 5D Mark 4

Canon 6D

Canon M50 mirrorless

Canon 24-105 mm lens

Canon 24-105 mm RF lens

Canon 70-200 mm lens

Canon 35 mm lens

Canon 50 mm lens

Studio Lights

Speed Lights